The 1st NFT marketplace curated by collectors


Follow our progress in real time through the key stages of the project!

  • Q1

    Design and development
    of the user interface, setting up the infrastructure, integrating security features, and creating the smart contracts.

  • Q2

    Testing and Beta Launch to ensure reliability and security while gathering user feedback.

  • Q3

    Official Launch with targeted marketing campaigns and partnerships with key players in the field.

  • Q4

    Review & Forecast
    Analysis of trends, investor feedback, and preparation of the 2025 strategy.

We're building in public

Q1 - From Vision to Execution
Launch Preparation
Launch PreparationWeb Development
Lire plus
Perfecting our web design and transitioning seamlessly into the development phase, setting the stage for a digital experience that captivates and engages.
Team development
Team developmentOrganizational Development
Lire plus
Empowering our team through hands-on training sessions, productive meetings, and a focused review of our brand and marketplace goals to ensure we're all moving in the same direction towards success.
Brand Building
Brand BuildingMarketing Strategy
Lire plus
Crafting a unique brand identity and developing effective communication tools to connect with our audience and clearly convey our message and values.
Team Expansion
Team ExpansionTalent Acquisition
Lire plus
Strategically expanding our team by recruiting talented individuals in marketing and development, ensuring we have the right mix of skills and creativity to propel our projects forward.
Blueprint Creation
Blueprint CreationProduct Development
Lire plus
Refining our vision into a detailed technical specifications document, laying the groundwork for innovative product development with precision and clarity.

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